Indie Artist Chords of Truth: “The Power To Be Alive” Music Video

South Carolina based indie folk musician, Chords of Truth, born Jason Garriotte, has released the visual for “The Power To Be Alive,” (the Chameleon acid folk remix) featuring up-and-coming rapper Man-u-iLL. The track is number four on Truth’s mind tantalizing, thought provoking EP “Reflections of Reality,” which focuses on self-reflection, human nature, destiny and happiness.

The video opens with flashing rays of sunshine and lavish vegetation, which symbolizes life and new beginnings. Throughout the video, which was filmed in New Jersey, Chords of Truth is featured overlooking the NYC Sky Line, in the midst of a large park, standing next to Man-u-iLL and a masked man in a graffiti riddled domain, and with his back facing a beautiful river; all the while strumming his guitar.

The graffiti domain and masked man seems to be a representation of the struggles and mysteries of life while the river, greenery and butterflies represent the continuation of life and its rewards. On the track, Truth delivers clear, steady, simple vocals over an exceptional folk, hip hop, & electronic fused beat, produced by Cas Weinbren aka Chameleon.

Here, the singer talks about the connection between supernatural and human beings as they all play their role to strive on earth, “realms beyond what we perceive/endure all souls that have been conceived they surround us despite going unseen/we’re all connected as we’re playing out our scene. Man-u-iLL, a thriving MC from Connecticut, showcases his lyricism on the track which embodies lessons learned from his experiences and spiritual insight, “from the depths of my soul I grab what’s left for control/ pull it all together as I step to my goal/ Lessons from the past I wonder what the future holds/failure or success, I done had the two of those. The lively chorus, which includes a call-and-response between Man-u-iLL and Truth, sums up the essence of the entire video, which is to embrace the natural process of life (nature). In short, “The Power To Be Alive” is a positive and inspirational music video that’s worth a view.

Video Credit: YouTube

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