Joseph Robinson Jr. Dies

Photo Credit: Flickr

Photo Credit: Flickr

Joseph Robinson Jr., who’s the former executive of the major music company, Sugar Hill Records, died at the age of 53 on Saturday. According to his family, the music artist died of cancer. Robinson Jr. comes from a prestigious family when it comes to music, as his mother, Sylvia Robinson, was a platinum record selling R&B artist, and his father, Joseph Robinson Sr., was the founder of Sugar Hill Records. The New York native, was known for  being a big contributor for the R&B and hip-hop industry, especially with the help of his mother and father.

In 1979, Robinson Jr. helped form the famous hip-hop group, Sugar Hill Gang, who are widely viewed as the creators of hip-hop. They then produced the song “Rapper’s Delight” which was a huge hit back then, and is still well known all over the world today.

In the nineties, Robinson Jr. helped bring the Sugar Hill Gang back together and stepped into  the role with group as a performer called “Master Gee”, which was the name of one of the group’s previous members who didn’t re-join the group. Robinson Jr. was widely known as a great businessman and performer.

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