28-Year-Old Josh Greenberg, Co-Founder Of Grooveshark, Dies In Bed

Photo cred: Morgue file

Photo cred: Morgue file

Josh Greenberg, the co-founder of the music streaming service known as Grooveshark, has passed away at the young age of 28 this past Sunday. According to reports, after returning to their Gainesville home from a weekend away, Greenberg’s girlfriend, Abby Mayer, found him, innocently thinking her boyfriend was just sleeping. The investigation regarding his death is ongoing.

After an examination by police and medical examiners, drug use, suicide, and foul play have been ruled out given there was no evidence to confirm such suppositions. However, an autopsy was performed on Monday to see if his death was caused by a condition in his heart or brain, and the toxicology report is expected to be released in about two or three months.

Both his girlfriend and his mother, Lori Greenberg, confirmed that they have never known Josh to be sick often or to take medication for any reason, and are both in shock over his mysterious and tragic passing.

That question may have stemmed from the assumption that Greenberg suffered from depression following the settlement that resulted in Grooveshark being shut down. However, his mother told the Gainesville Sun that her son was more relieved over the settlement and optimistic about projects that could be done in the future.

Grooveshark, which Greenberg founded in 2006 with fellow University of Florida freshman, Sam Tarantino. The company employed more than 145 people in both Florida and New York and obtained over 40 million users. However, a copyright lawsuit involving Universal, Sony, and Warner music arose when they claimed that Grooveshark was operating with proper licensing.

Despite the million dollar lawsuit, some employees took to Twitter to thank Greenberg for allowing them to take a step towards their career. We will keep you updated as more on Greenberg’s cause of death are revealed.

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