Girl Scout Sells Over 100 Boxes Of Cookies In 2 Hours Outside Marijuana Clinic

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Photo Credit: Click from

I used to be a Girl Scout, and after I reached a certain age I was no longer “cute” enough to sell a lot of cookies.

Danielle Lei, 13, capitalized on the munchies by setting up a cookie stall outside of The Green Cross medical marijuana clinic in San Francisco. Her smart thinking paid off because she sold 117 boxes of Tagalongs and Thin Mints (one of my favorites) in just two hours, the proceeds of which helps charitable organizations. This was 37 more than what she sold within the same time frame at a Safeway the following day, according to Mashable.

“It’s no secret that cannabis is an appetite stimulant — so it’s not shocking that a lot of our patients came and purchased cannabis, and then saw the cookies and purchased them,” said “Holli Bert, a spokesperson for The Green Cross. “But it wasn’t just patients, staff members and neighbors also bought the cookies. I personally bought five boxes. It turned out to be a big success.”

Mashable also reported that Danielle’s mom, Carol, brings her two daughters (Danielle’s sister is also a Girl Scout) to different places in San Francisco so that “they can learn about different environments.”

Green Cross is so happy with Danielle’s success that they have invited her back for two hours on February 22 for a repeat performance.

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