A 17-Year-Old Con Artist Stole $30,000 From THREE Walmarts

Photo Credit: www.morguefile.com

Photo Credit: www.morguefile.com

A 17-year-old con artist from Norman, Oklahoma, managed to pull a fast one on Walmart! He was not only able to steal $30,000 from three Walmarts in December but he even hugged one of the store managers when he left with the money in his hand.

And how exactly did he manage to do all this? Well, he was a former Walmart employee, and he had managed to keep his uniform after ironically being fired for stealing money. So, you keep doing the same thing that you got fired for? Nice.

The police caught the teen and arrested him at the end of January. In the report it states that he “acted as if was a general manager from another store,” and it also says that he was wearing the company’s name tag. Kfor ( a news channel in Oklahoma City) reports that he said “he was doing an inventory of the store before general managers came to inspect them after the holidays.”

Thanks to something called a surveillance camera, there was footage of the 17-year-old in action. You could see that he was alone in the cash room and had taken bundles of cash, which he put in his pockets.

After he had been fired he put on his uniform and went to a Walmart in Edmond, Oklahoma, that he hadn’t been employed at and was assigned to worked at the register. It was when he tried to pretend to be an employee at the Norman Walmart that his game was over.

It’s still left to be determined whether he will be tried as an adult.

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