Animals Fleeing Yellowstone, Possible Volcanic Eruption On The Way

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Strange animal activity always freaks me out. In all those apocalyptic and horror movies, the animals know things before we do.

Although there would be no way to know for sure if Yellowstone’s “supervolcano” is close to eruption, there is speculation that it could be possible. Recently, and suspiciously, animals have been fleeing Wyoming’s national park with no explanation as to why.

A video hit the internet of herds of buffalo, “running for their lives” away from the area. Recent seismic activity on the West Coast may have triggered something beneath the surface of the volcano, and the animals may be sensing it beforehand.

The most powerful earthquake since 1980 hit Yellowstone March 30th. It had a magnitude of 4.8 and although there was no damage, some are saying that it could be connected to the animal movement. There may be something larger to come.

Self proclaimed “survivalist” and “search-and-rescue expert” Tom Lupshu, says, “Biologists aren’t sure if there’s been a stunning decline in the herd or if other factors have skewed the tally.” He also mentions that helium levels in the area are around 1,000 times above normal and accused the US Geological Survey for not reporting any smaller quakes in the area in the past few months, had any occurred.

“Herds of bison running for their lives on the public roadways and they were not being chased or rounded up, the bison were running down the mountain slopes onto roadways running right past a filming crew. They detect something vast and deadly. The Yellowstone Supervolcano is the only thing there that would fit the bill,” Lupshu added.

The supervolcano has not erupted in over 640,000 years, which causes some to think that an explosion is due. If it were to erupt, it would splash over large parts of North America and cause environmental problems for the entire planet.

The University of Utah Seismograph Stations maintains that, “there is no evidence that a catastrophic eruption at Yellowstone National Park (YNP) is imminent. Current geologic activity at Yellowstone has remained relatively constant since earth scientists first started monitoring some 30 years ago. Though another caldera-forming eruption is theoretically possible, it is very unlikely to occur in the next thousand or even 10,000 years.”

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