Another Mini Ice Age?

Photo Credit: Flickr

Photo Credit: Flickr

According to researchers, the earth could be headed for a mini-ice age. These researchers claim they have found a way to detect solar cycles, and they say between 2020 and 2030, solar cycles will cancel each other out. This cancellation will lead to a widely known phenomenon known as the Maunder minimum, or simply called the “mini ice age”, which was so bad, between 1646 and 1715, it caused London’s Thames River to freeze over.

A model suggest that solar activity will fall by sixty percent during the 2030’s, to conditions last seen during the mini ice age that began in 1645, according to the results presented by professor Valentina Zharkova, at the National Astronomy Meeting in Llandudno.

Zharkova explains that when the solar waves interact they “will be disruptive, or they will nearly cancel each other. Effectively, when the waves are approximately in phase, they can show strong interaction, or resonance, and we have strong solar activity. When they are out of phase, we have solar minimums. When there is full phase separation, we have the conditions last seen during the Maunder minimum, 370 years ago.” Maunder Minimum is the name used for the period from approximately 1645 to 1715, when solar observers of that time noted sunspots were becoming exceedingly rare.

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