Are Airplane Seats A Ticket To Infection?

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Ever wonder where that “dirty” feeling comes from when entering a plane? I certainly have. Who knows who was in the plane last and more importantly who sat last in your seat. New studies are showing the possible ways that bacteria and viruses are picked up on planes. I hope that person who had my seat last or even the people previous don’t have M.E.R.S. or H1N1.

A new study shows that bacteria and viruses can survive for up to a week on surfaces of the aircraft cabin including arm rests, metal tray table, metal toilet button, the window shade and even your seat pocket!

To find all of this out, researchers at Auburn University took samples of all of these materials and contaminated them with two disease – causing germs — the superbug MRSA, which causes nasty wound and soft-tissue infections, and E.Coli O157:H7, which can lead to diarrhea and other more dangerous illnesses.

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The researchers found that MSRA survived a week on the seat-back pocket, while E.Coli survived four days on the armrest. This is disgusting!

“Many air travelers are concerned about the risks of catching a disease from other passengers given the long time spent in crowded air cabins,” study author Kiril Vaglenov said in a statement.

Next time you travel in an airplane it might be beneficial to take some precaution. Wearing a small mask around your mouth and nose is never a bad idea.

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