Arizona Cardinals’ Tyrann Mathieu And PETA Link Up For Public Service Announcement


You’re riding around the town with your pup on a hot summer day. Maybe you’re coming home from a jog in the park, and you remember that you needed to pick up a few groceries from the supermarket for dinner. It sounds like a fairly decent afternoon, right? Until the unthinkable happens, and you return to your car only to find your beloved animal has died from heat exhaustion.

These incidents unfortunately occur way too often and PETA is working hard to prevent them from continuing. In conjunction with Arizona Cardinals’ cornerback Tyrann Mathieu, PETA  has released a public service announcement in order to raise awareness for deaths caused by leaving dogs in a hot car unattended.

In a video posted to his Facebook page, Mathieu can be seen entering a car on what he describes as a  90-degree weather day, so you can only imagine how hot a car with no air-conditioning would get. As you see the sweat beginning to soak through his gray top, Mathieu explains the importance of actually treating your dog like a part of the family if that is in fact the commitment you have made to it. The distress on his face grows heavier and as the temperature in the car reaches 120 degrees, Mathieu cannot take the heat any longer. He lasted only eight minutes, but forget not that he had the ability to open the door and let himself out. Dogs do not.

At the end of the video, you discover that not only do dogs not have the ability to get out of the car, but they do not sweat, and therefore have no way of cooling themselves off. By 105 degrees, dogs will suffer a heat stroke and their organs will begin to fail. As PETA and Mathieu  want everyone to understand, please remember that these dogs do not have voices of their own other than a desperate bark for help. So if you see a dog locked in a car on a hot day, be sure to call 911 and ensure that the dog is taken out. Ensure that it has a chance.

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