Autistic Boy’s Mother Outraged Over Schools Use Of Disciplinary Technique Used On Her Son



Parents are outraged over a school discipline technique that is legal and being used on students in classrooms. An Autistic boys screams could be heard from what is called a “scream room.” The concrete room is used to punish students who have broken school rules.

Carson Luke, 13 who attends school in Chesapeake, Virginia, had a nightmare inducing ordeal from being placed in a “scream room” for having a loud outburst in class back in March 2011. Luke was removed from the class by the teach and brought to the metal doors that close off the room. The teacher had to force the child into the room while doing so slammed his hand in the metal doors hurting him so bad it exposed his bone.

Lukes mother was outraged by the news. She compared the use of the “scream room” to a Russian prison. These types of punishment are not the only ones that schools are allowed to use. It has also been reported that Teacher can use handcuffs, bungee cords, and duct tapes to restrain students.

Because of the increase of stories like these Virginia legislation is going to reign in on the methods that are used by teachers. Kathleen Mehfoud wrote “Seclusion and restraint ‘can be an appropriate and necessary technique to utilize in order to avoid dangerous situations and to maintain order in the public schools,” On behalf of the school board.

Parents are rallying to try and make a change to these methods in schools or to have them completely removed from the school experience.

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