Award Winning Producer Dead

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Famous producer, Jerry Weintraub, died Monday after his bowel ruptured and sent poison throughout his body, which caused two heart attacks. The new york native died after lying in a hospital bed for over 30 hours with doctors not knowing where his stomach pains were coming from. The 77-year-old, helped produced big time movies like, “Ocean’s Eleven” and “Karate Kid.”

The legendary producer thought he had food poisoning after getting sick at a Independence day barbecue, according to his family. His girlfriend Susan Ekins called 911 around 3 a.m. on Sunday, as his condition was getting worse. When Weintraub first arrived at the hospital, doctors thought his condition wasn’t life threatening, however, doctors discovered his bowel had burst when he suffered a heart attack at about 6 a.m. Two hours later, he had another heart attack and eventually died. Weintraub had four children.

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