Baby Giraffe Born At The Cincinnati Zoo

Photo Credit: snowbear from

Photo Credit: snowbear from

Early Monday morning Tessa the giraffe at the Cincinnati Zoo began to go into labor. They are currently looking for a name for this new addition to the family.

Zoo Director Thane Maynard explained: “So the first thing you see are a couple of hooves sticking out, and I tell you, the first time I saw that I thought ‘I hope this works out’ but they’re born almost like a head-first slide like Pete Rose.”

The baby first made its debut into the world with a six foot drop to the ground but then quickly lifted her head to take a look around. About an hour later the baby was up and walking.

‘There are a lot of animals in Africa that would like to eat giraffes. You’ve got lions, hyenas, leopards, wild dogs. So being able to stand and stand by the mother who can protect it and being able to move with the herd real quickly is a real important thing,” Maynard added.

This would be Tessa’s third delivery in three years. In 2012 she gave birth to Lulu and in 2011 she gave birth to Zuri who only 7 weeks later had to be euthanized after breaking her leg.

The Zoo opened a viewing area so that visitors could get a better look at the day-old giraffe.

The zoo is also currently taking suggestions on their Facebook page. If you have a good name, you can go here to submit your idea!

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