Bobbi Kristina Brown’s Death Is Known But Still Remain Under Wraps

Photo Credit: Flickr

Photo Credit: Flickr

News about Bobbi Kristina Brown clearly isn’t over yet.. Authorities in Georgia now know the cause of her death, but they’re keeping the information confidential.

According to TMZ, a judge ordered that the Fulton County Medical Examiner’s conclusion about Bobbi Kristina’s death remain under wraps.

A criminal investigation is still ongoing and law enforcement doesn’t want any information made public that could inhibit their inquiries.

If you didn’t already know, Bobbi Kristina died in July after being in a coma for six months. She was found unconscious in a bathtub at her home in Georgia.

The daughter of Whitney Houston died in July after being in a coma for six months.

She was found unconscious in a bathtub at her home in Georgia in January.

Her partner, Nick Gordon, has been the focus of inquiries and the unfortunate events regarding that night have been the subject of an investigation by the law enforcement in Fulton County.

Gordon was served with a ‘wrongful death’ civil suit back in August.

The complaint supposed that Gordon fed Bobbi Kristina a ‘toxic cocktail’ and then placed her face-down in a tub of cold water.

Bobbi Kristina’s estate filed a suit in June accusing him of assault, battery, causing emotional distress, and taking her money. Then August 7, the complaint was altered with the addition of a ‘wrongful death’ suit.

The finger is clearly being pointed at Gordon but he has not yet been criminally charged.

The 25-year-old denied any accusations and instead said that he tried to resuscitate her when she was unresponsive but was unsuccessful.

He also denied the claims of him being physically abusive and benefitting from her wealth by pretending they were married.

Bobby Brown appeared on the talk show The Real earlier this month, and shared that the family did everything they could for his daughter in the six months before her death.

‘We prayed in hope for six months, you know, for something better to happen, but when God calls you, He calls you,’ Brown said during the interview.

‘I’m pretty sure her mother had a part with like … ‘c’mon let’s get her up here’ … in the best way possible,’ he added. ‘She was not comfortable by herself, I guess, and she just called my daughter with her.’

We will update with further information. As always, our prayers are with Bobbi Kristina Brown and her family.

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