‘Chexting’ Breaking Up Happy Homes

Photo Credit: Flickr

Photo Credit: Flickr

Chatting services on the Internet are starting to tear apart families. A new method of communication known as “chexting” allows users to share their deepest feelings with people. It’s being used so much that it’s breaking up marriages and families too.

“Chexting” is a disturbing trend that is tearing apart marriages and families. Some experts’ say it starts as an innocent conversation and turns into a deep emotional bond. Others say it is the latest frontier in betrayal. So – called ‘emotional sex’ occurs when chatting becomes cheating, either online or through text messaging.

Marriage counselor Dr. Jane Greer says that spouses don’t always set out to cheat, and that things usually begin with an innocent communication like a text with a simple ‘hello.’

“People start to rely on and depend on the connection they have with the other person and start to expect the texts,” said Dr. Greer.

So where does the chatting end and cheating begin? Dr. Greer says, “If your partner is texting the minute he wakes up or the minute she wakes up, before you go to bed and you’re feeling really disconnected from them, then you might start to wonder what’s going on”.


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