Chocolate Chip Cookie And Milk Shots

Photo Credit: mconnors from

Photo Credit: mconnors from

Have you ever wanted your milk to taste like cookie…or your cookie to have that perfect amount of milk? There just might be something out there for you.

The latest thing from cronut creator Dominique Ansel  will blow your mind (and your taste buds). It’s simple: a shot glass made out of a warm, homemade chocolate chip cookie filled to the top with ice cold milk. Drinking the milk will be like drinking what’s left when you’ve dipped all your cookies and just have the remnants so that it doesn’t taste like just milk but that sweet, chocolatey mix. When that’s done you eat the cookie “shot” which will be soaked in the perfect amount of milk.

Ansel posted it on his Instagram earlier this week and as of now we know that they will be available for sample March 9th at the SXSW Allison+Partners event. I don’t know if I’m really excited to try this or really upset that I didn’t think of it first. It’s simple, but it’s genius.

I’m sure I could try to make it at home…I’m also sure that I’ll end up with milk all over the floor and cookie smeared all over my face. Now that I think about it, that might not be so bad.

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