Cleveland Cop Involved In 137 Shot Barrage Acquitted For Death Of Couple


An Ohio judge ruled Cleveland cop, Michael Brelo, not guilty on involuntary manslaughter on Saturday. Brelo was 1 of 13 cops involved in 137 barrage of shots, fired at a couple during a high speed chase. Couple Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams were each shot at least over 20 times in less than 8 seconds while in their car. The couple was being chased by more than 60 squad cars for about 20 miles after officers in a patrol car mistook the sound of the couple’s car backfiring for gun shots on Nov. 29, 2012.

Brelo reloaded his gun after the couple were no longer a threat, mounted the car’s hood and fired 15 rounds into the windshield. There were no weapons found in the couple’s car. There were 5 other officers were indicted on more minor charges of dereliction of duty and are awaiting trial. This has sparked major controversy and there are Cleveland citizens that are outraged.

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