Coating On Willis Tower Skydeck’s Ledge Cracks Under Tourists

Photo Credit: Flickr

Photo Credit: Flickr

We all have to admit that we’ve wanted to step on the “shatterproof” glass that sky scrapers have on their top deck. Even I have stepped on the glass of the famous Sky Tower in Auckland, New Zealand. It’s pretty intimidating to just look down and realize how far up you really are and that you’re safe and sound. You might want to rethink about how safe it may seem to be.

All four boxes of The Ledge, the 103rd floor tourist attraction atop Chicago’s Willis Tower, were closed Thursday morning for a routine inspection.

Cracks began to appear in the coating designed to prevent scratches on the glass. As soon as a few people stood on it, it became a frightening scene.

Alejandro Garibay, his brother, and two cousins were standing on the glass platform that stands out of the west side of the building before 10 PM Wednesday when Garibay said they heard cracking.

“Crazy feeling and experience,” Garibay wrote in an email to NBC Chicago. Rehme said the visitors were never in any danger.

“This coating does not affect the structural integrity of The Ledge in any way. Occasionally, the coating will crack, as it is designed to in order to protect the surface of the glass,” Rehme said in a statement.

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