Could Cats Be Soon Used To Hack Neighbor’s Wi – Fi Networks?

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Cats could soon be used to hack neighbor’s Wi-Fi networks. What has this world come to?

Gene Bransfield, a principal security engineer at Tenacity Solutions, Inc., in Reston, Virginia, prepared a cat with a custom made collar that found dozens of neighbors’ Wi-Fi networks.

Bransfield prepared a cat collar with a Spark Core chip loaded with firmware, a Wi-Fi card, a tiny GPS module, and a battery.

The customized collar allows Bransfield to map all the Wi-Fi networks in the neighborhood, which could also be done by a home intruder.

The project was called “War Kitteh,” and Branfield’s presentation at last weekend’s DefCon hacker conference in Las Vegas was entitled “How to Weaponize Your Pets.”

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