Dead Man Begins Kicking and Breathing in Embalming Room

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This is something out of a horror movie!

A 78-year-old Mississippi man, Walter Williams, was declared dead at the hospital, but Williams had other ideas after being sent to a local funeral home.

Once Williams’ body arrived at the Mississippi funeral home, Coroner Dexter Howard routinely transferred Williams into a body bag to prepare him for embalming.  It was then that the coroner noticed kicking coming from inside the body bag.  Howard then noticed breathing coming from Williams.

The coroner verified that Williams did indeed have a heartbeat and he was very much alive.

Although Howard has never seen anything like this in his 12 years of experience, he attributes Williams “coming back to life” to his heart defibrillator, which could have kick-started his heart after the man was declared dead.  They are not certain, however.

Williams’ family is elated.  They are rightfully stunned, but they are just grateful to have more time with the man they called “Snowball”.

Williams is still alive, but tired.  He is back at the hospital.

We just can’t wait to hear his side of the story!


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