Deport Justin Bieber Petition Is Second Highest Ever On White House Website

Photo: Miami Beach Police Department

Photo: Miami Beach Police Department

Earlier this month Roger Skrzynski II posted a petition to deport everyone’s favorite pop star Justin Bieber. Skrzynksi said that he posted the petition in an effort to expose problems with the petition website. However as of Thursday the petition has gained 260,000 signatures, becoming the most popular petition in the three-year history of President Obama’s petition program.

“I feel like I finally brought America together on an issue for once,” Skrzynski told The Washington Times.

The White House started its petition page in 2011 as a way to give Americans a chance to elicit support for their causes. Initially, any petition that gained 5,000 signatures earned an official response. The number was increased to 25,000 and then, at the beginning of Obama’s second term last year, was raised to 100,000.

The White House said it would respond to the Bieber petition, though it did not say when.

Skrzynski, 24, said he created the Bieber petition in partly to expose these problems.

“I’ve been actually waiting for something to come along that I could put on there because I really don’t like the website itself. It’s too open to foreign signatures. It’s a way for people in foreign countries to petition our government,” he said. “I kind of wanted to put a joke on there to maybe get the White House’s attention. Maybe they could fix it.”

Skrzynski said he hoped his petition did raise questions about the immigration system. “I think if it was a poor immigrant — actually someone just poor, middle class — they would probably be on their way out,” he went on to say.

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