Did Somebody Say McDonalds (Is Closing)?

Photo: flikr.com

Photo: flikr.com

You better eat up those Big Macs and chicken nuggets while you can. The enormous, fast food empire, McDonalds, is shutting down more restaurants than it opens this year. This information comes from McDonalds itself, and it’s a pretty big deal, considering they’re the world’s largest hamburger chain.

The last time McDonalds closed this many locations was about 45 years ago, so claims one Associated Press reviewing of the chain’s filings. A spokesperson for McDonalds, Becca Harry, would not release a specific number of restaurants the chain plans to shut down. But of course, there are speculations about why this is happening to the iconic burger joint.

The answer is fairly simple. Consumers think other fast food is better. Some chains use healthier and fresher ingredients, which is highly attractive to customers. Additionally, burger fanatics think that restaurants like Five Guys Burgers and Fries and Bagger Dave’s just have tastier sandwiches. But McDonalds itself thinks that it has a menu that’s too complicated, which causes longer waiting times and frustration among customers.

In any scenario, we wish the best of luck to all McDonalds employees.

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