Dove Cancels New Deodorant Ad That Called New Jersey The ‘Armpit Of America’

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Since I come from New Jersey, it’s safe to say that I take offense when anyone says my state is the “Armpit of America.”

Well, Dove had the brilliant idea of making a billboard ad that reads: “Dear New Jersey, when people call you the “Armpit of America,” take it as a compliment, sincerely, Dove.” The ad, which was promoting Dove’s new Advanced Care line, featured a woman showing off her underarm.

The billboard ad was previewed last Thursday, and was all set to launch in July. I’ll give you one guess as to what people from NJ thought of the ad. If you guessed “they hated it,” you would be correct. Consumers made it known on Dove’s Facebook page that they were boycotting Dove products altogether because of the ad, and Dove has now decided to not go ahead with the controversial ad after all.

According to senior marketing director Matthew McCarthy, the ad was actually supposed to be something positive, but a lot of people have said it was quite insensitive given the Garden State’s Bridgegate scandal and the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

Joan Gazello, 81, has lived in NJ all of her life and she told CBS 2: “It’s insulting. That we stink? We don’t stink. We’re a great state. In fact, everyone wants to live in this state.”

It’s unclear what will replace the “Armpit of America” billboard ads, but whatever replaces them, I’m sure they probably won’t be offensive to anyone. I’m guessing Dove will think long and hard before they make another billboard ad.

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