Drone Delivers Drugs To Inmate In Mansfield Prison

Photo credit: Morgue file

Photo credit: Morgue file

Drones have been increasingly popular in the news this week, and most certainly not for the greater good. This time a drone was spotted over a prison, reportedly delivering a heavy load of drugs to an inmate.

The package was supposedly dropped in the yard of the Mansfield Correctional Institution in Ohio on July 29, according to reports and contained nearly a quarter of an ounce heroin, more than two ounces of marijuana, and more than five ounces of tobacco.

Though the specifics of the incident have not yet been officially determined, the surveillance footage and an investigation have determined that the contraband was dropped into the north yard and then thrown over the fence into the south yard.

A fight quickly ensued with the drone still over head, prompting nearly 200 inmates to be stripped and searched and sent to be checked by the clinic. The nine inmates involved in the brawl were placed in solitary confinement, but luckily there were no serious injuries obtained.

Again, however you feel about the advancement of technology and the availability of these drones weigh heavy on your opinion of this particular incident. You always to have take every advancement with a grain of salt and the expectation that the wrong people will get their hands on the technology and use it for something other than its intended use. Where drones are highly associated with the military and intended for surveillance and gathering data, there are clearly people out there with terrible agendas.

That, unfortunately, is just the world we live in.


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