eSight Headsets Give 13 Year Old Gift Of Seeing His Mom

Photo Credit: Morgue File

Photo Credit: Morgue File

A lot of things today we take advantage of and don’t actually realize how lucky we are to do somethings other people can’t do, like see. As a writer and a reader I am thankful for my eyesight I just have to get that out there. Enough to touch any mothers heart. Every mother prays for a healthy child with ten fingers and toes, two arms and legs, two eyes that are able to see…this mother’s son that was denied that finally got it. Marquita Hackley for the first time was seen by her son Christopher thanks to a revolutionary break through in science technology called eSight.

Christopher Ward, age 13 son of Marquita Hackley was born with optic nerve hypoplasia, which is the under-development or absence of the optic nerve combined with possible brain and endocrine abnormalities. It is also known as Septo-Optic Dysplasia or DeMorsier’s Syndrome. This young man for the first time was able to see his mother thanks to the eSight headset and his words were, ” Oh, Mommy, there you are!”  The mother and son traveled from Virginia to Washington D.C. to book a demo with eSight. Marquita also told ABC news that she heard her son say “I saw my Mom, and she was very pretty.” The revolutionary glasses that launched in Toronto in 2013 is now reportedly being sold at $15,000, in the United States. The glasses help those with limited vision, not those who are completely blind.

Christopher’s family turned to the internet to help raise the $15,000 they needed. To date they reportedly raised $25,704 given by 584 donors, which is more than enough for a pair of eSight glasses for Christopher Jr. Way to go science and technology! Another one for the books. Watch the full video of the demo here.

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