Fox News Anchor Addresses Ebola Hysteria

Fox News anchor, Shepard Smith, had a message for the public regarding Ebola, and it was heard loud and clear!

On Wednesday afternoon he addressed some stories that have begun to spread about Ebola. He believes that the media has turned something minor [the Ebola virus] into a huge situation, causing mass hysteria in the US for no reason.

Smith’s moment unfolded after he took in a stand-up report on the White House lawn from Fox News reporter Doug McKelway. McKelway alleged that the virus had caused “widespread panic across the country.”

Smith responded: “Oh my God. Doug, I appreciate it, but I think we both know there’s no widespread panic across the country. … But I think we know that. And I think we also know that if there is widespread panic, it’s not based in fact and it’s not based in reason. And I think more than anything, those are just words that people on TV sometimes use. We don’t have widespread panic in America, we should not have it. We don’t have an outbreak. We have two sick people from one dying man, and the rest of this should stop because it’s not productive.”

Later, Smith did mention the outbreak in Africa and said that there’s no such outbreak in the U.S. “It’s not worth ratings” he said.

What do you think of Smith’s message?

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