Furious Passengers Called The Police After Being Stuck On A Plane ‘Without Food Or Water’ For Hours

Photo Credit: www.morguefile.com

Photo Credit: www.morguefile.com

Congrats, Ryanair, for pissing a lot of passengers off!

Passengers on the plane were already several hours late boarding the flight to Portugal from Stansted Airport in England, which was supposed to take off at 8:30 p.m. last Friday. They said they were then kept waiting on the tarmac for over three hours without refreshments, and they weren’t allowed in the terminal building because it was locked. Not only were they denied refreshments but they were also denied air conditioning. This made them furious and they made over 50 calls to Essex Police.

They were finally allowed off the plane at around 3:45 a.m., and following another two hour delay, the passengers boarded another flight from Stansted to Portugal at 6 am, but they were kept waiting on the tarmac for another couple of hours before FINALLY taking off.

In total the flight was delayed by 11 hours. That’s a lot of hours to be waiting for a flight to take off!

Ryanair claims they gave passengers cups of water on the plane and they said they also provided them with vouchers so they could buy food and drinks in the airport.

This incident happened just months after the man who runs Ryanair, Mr. O’Leary, promised that he would “change” the way the airline is run so that it would become more passenger friendly. He made some remarks in the past where he pledged to make people pay to go to the bathroom and he also said the airline could introduce “vertical seats” so that “they could cram more people onto their planes.”

How in the world did anyone ever let you run an airline, Mr. O’Leary?

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