Google Glass Available Today For One-Day Sale

Photo Credit:  Flickr user Tedeytan

Photo Credit: Flickr user Tedeytan

Google Glass is available for purchase today!  If you’ve seen Google Glass out and about before, that’s because Google previously did a round of beta testing with a very small group of people.  Today is the day that Google Glass has arrived for the rest of us under their “Explorer Program”.

Google Glass is available for purchase for ONE DAY only.  According to the site, “Glass is only available in the United States, but we’re working hard to bring Glass to other countries.”

This thing isn’t cheap.  Google’s invention costs $1,500 plus tax.  That’s a little expensive for the first release.  I’ll wait until they iron out all the kinks before I invest in a pair.  Actually, I don’t think I’d ever buy this because I don’t want to be called a “Glasshole”, the nickname Google Glass wearers have earned.

There have been reports of Google Glass wearers being attacked on the street.  There’s no hiding the expensive computer you’re wearing on your face.  It kind of seems like wearing Google Glass is just asking to be robbed.

For now, I think I’ll let the “Glassholes” do their thing and I’ll just go the old-fashioned route and carry my cell phone, kindle, laptop and iPhone.

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