Hillary Clinton’s Emails Seized by FBI

Photo Credit: Flickr

Photo Credit: Flickr

The FBI has seized multiple emails of Hillary Clinton’s, after discovering that at least two super classified messages were allowed to pass through her insecure internet server at home. Agents took possession of a thumb drive filled with messages, while she was Secretary of State.

The secret messages reportedly originated with the CIA, and involve satellite imaging. Charles McCullough, III, the Inspector General of the Intelligence Community, suspects that more classified information could have been leaked, so he is asking for more emails from the former First Lady.

Two emails that stand out to the FBI contain “Top Secret, Sensitive Compartmented Information,” which is the government’s second-highest level of secrecy. David Kendall, Clinton’s lawyer, had to eventually turn over the emails after agents determined that he couldn’t keep possession of the classified information.

The drives that the FBI seized reportedly contain nearly 30,000 emails that Clinton claimed was work-related and turned over to the State Department. She said she destroyed thousands of other emails that were not work-related, which is very questionable. The possible classified information being leaked, and Clinton’s suspicious behavior in this entire situation, may harm her current presidential campaign.

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