Kentucky Man Shoots Down Drone Hovering In Backyard

Photo cred: Morgue file

Photo cred: Morgue file

If you are trying to enjoy a nice afternoon in your backyard with your family, and you spot a drone hovering nearby, what would your first reaction be? I guess it all depends on how you feel about drones themselves, but I can’t say I would be completely comfortable with an aerial craft surveying my space. Well, a Kentucky man shared similar sentiments this past Friday, when he shot down a drone flying over his property in order to protect his sun-bathing daughter’s privacy.

The man, identified as William Meredith, was arrested following the shooting, on charges of first degree criminal mischief and first degree wanton endangerment, protesting that he felt he was within his rights as an American citizen to put the drone out of commission. Meredith also made the case that he shot the gun that he is licensed to carry, straight into the air, so as to not put any neighbors in danger.

However, he also used his gun as a scare tactic, to prevent the supposed owners of the drone from crossing over to his property. After being approached by the four angry drone operators, Meredith verbally threatened them as a form of self-defense, but assured the police that the gun remained in his holster and never made a move to remove it or aim it at the men. Despite his pleas, Meredith is still being brought up on felony charges.

Clearly, drones are going to be in a tough space for people to accept, and understandably so. However, there also needs to be some understanding on the part of citizens, considering these crafts can be utilized for news surveillance and extremely beneficial to gathering data for agricultural operations, for example. With this new technology becoming increasingly more controversial as they become more popular, this will certainly not be the last we hear of drone incidents in the news. Either more specific guidelines concerning the use of drones needs to be inked or we as people need to embrace their positive uses.

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