Kentucky National Guard Soldier Sues U.S. Military for $100 Million Over Tattoos

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Staff Sargent Adam C. Thorogood of Nashville Tennessee, is a Kentucky National Guard Soldier. Thorogood dreams of joining the U.S. Army special operations unit known as Nightstalkers.  That dream might just be unattainable with the new grooming policies implemented in March by the Army.

Thorogood is suing the U.S. Military for one hundred million dollars in damages and asking a federal judge to find the regulations unconstitutional. He claims the grooming regulations unfairly hurt his chances of joining the Nightstalkers. The new rules will also prevent him from seeking appointment as a warrant officer.

In March, the Army instituted the new grooming policies. They included topics such as tattoos, nail polish, and hair styles. The regulations are limited to no more than four visible tattoos below the elbow or knee. The tattoos must be smaller than the size of the individual’s hand. Full sleeve style tattoos on the arms or legs are not permitted. Soldiers are not permitted to have tattoos on the neck, hands, head, or face. Enlisted soldiers who exceed the tattoo limit will not be permitted to request commissioning or promotion to warrant officer.

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