Kim Jong-Un Blew Over $700 Million While His People Starved!

Photo By DuBoix

Photo By DuBoix

As we’ve reported earlier, the United Nations Commission of inquiry has carried out a year long investigation on North Korea’s human rights violations. However, now we are learning about North Korea’s leader’s, Kim Jong-Un, frivolous spending on pianos, cars and other luxury items.

The report found luxury imports into North Korea included dozens of Mercedes-Benz cars, pianos and a 1,000-person private theatre. A former regime official who escaped said in a testimony at the UN commission that Kim Jong-Un used money raised fro trafficking ivory from Africa to China and the sale of alcohol in Islamic countries.

The report did not examine how the items were imported into the country, despite the UN’s strict sanctions on North Korea in order to stop the flow of luxury items into the country.

Kim Jong-Un’s spending is juxtaposed with the UN Food and Agriculture Organization’s November report, which stated that North Korea remains one of the 34 nations in the world needing external aid to feed its people. It was estimated that around 2.8 million “vulnerable” people in the North face an “ongoing struggle with undernutrition and a lack of vital protein in the diet.”

The report also recanted the abuse of North Korean people by their own government – including allegations of murder, rape, enslavement, abduction and starvation. Michael Kirby, UN commission chairman, said Kim Jong-Un could be held accountable for crimes committed by those under his command. The Korean Institute for National Unification estimates between 80,000 and 120,000 people are being detained in North Korean gulags (political prison camps).

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