Lost Stuffed Animal Travels Over 1,000 Miles Home To Little Girl

Photo Credit: www.morguefile.com

Photo Credit: www.morguefile.com

I’m a sucker for sweet stories, and this story wins my “this is the sweetest thing I’ve read today” award.

I remember how important my stuffed teddy bear named “Teddy” was to me when I was little, so I can imagine why a little girl from Minnesota was heartbroken after she lost her beloved blanket and “Lambie” stuffed animal while on vacation in Montgomery, Texas. She didn’t think she’d ever see them again!

Say hello to Christina Cooper, an amazing employee at the La Torretta Lake Resort where the family had been staying. She wanted to do what she could to make sure the little girl saw her blanket and “Lambie” stuffed animal again.

“They called the same day they had checked out and, unfortunately, housekeeping had already cleaned the room,” Cooper, the resort’s loss-prevention lead supervisor, told GoodmorningAmerica.com. “We’re not sure if it got mixed up in the laundry but we think that’s what happened.”

Cooper did some digging, and would you believe she found the stuffed animal and blanket a few weeks later?

“I checked housekeeping’s bin again about a month later and I saw the little Lambie doll there and the green blanket,” she recalled. “It instantly triggered in my mind. I thought, ‘Could this be it? It has to be.’”

Cooper then went back to check their lost item record forms, and “sure enough,” Cooper said, “I found the sheet with the dad’s information of them calling and looking for it.”

She didn’t waste another moment in calling the little girl’s dad to share the good news.

“You could just hear it in his voice before I even said anything,” Cooper said. “I could tell he was hoping it would be about her lost stuff animal.”

It wasn’t just enough for Cooper to return the stuffed animal and blanket. She went the extra mile to make sure she really made the girl’s day.

“I had asked the dad if I could address the box to his daughter because you know how kids get when they receive things in the mail,” she said. “And I also asked if I could attach a note to the lamb doll that would seem like he was talking to her.”

Her dad said that would be ok because he knew it would put a smile on his daughter’s face.

“I wrote, ‘I missed you and I love you and I’m so glad to see you,’” Cooper said of the note she attached to “Lambie.”

Cooper’s efforts paid off. In a moment that was caught on camera, the little girl is seen squealing with excitement as she sees “Lambie” again.

What a sweet lady Cooper is. Have you ever lost something from your childhood that meant a lot to you?

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