Man Jailed For Murder After Pushing His Ex-Girlfriend Out Of A Car During A Fight

Photo Credit: Christine McGhee's Facebook

Photo Credit: Christine McGhee’s Facebook

A man from New Jersey was sentenced to up to twenty years in prison for involuntary manslaughter of his girlfriend who he pushed out of a car six years ago.

Michael Morrone was charged with third degree murder of Christine McGhee when an incident in December of 2008 left her with such severe brain damage that she was in a vegetative state until the day she died.

McGhee was a sophomore and drunk at a Kutztown University in Bucks County, Pennsylvania when she asked her ex-boyfriend (Morrone) to come pick her up. Witnesses saw the two fighting as they drove off.

Later he pushed her out of the cab of his pick-up truck and threw her phone and bag after her. She caught herself, able to stand on the ledge on the side of the truck but he sped up on purpose to cause her to fall off. That was when she hit her head.

The prosecution argued that he had full knowledge at the time that she was injured but made the decision to drive away regardless, fleeing the scene of the crime. They also argued that he was driving away to get away from her, not just to go home.

She broke her jaw and also the hit to her head left her in a vegetative state for three years until she died in 2012. The coroner maintained that her death was a result of her brain injuries, making Morrone liable for her death.

Photo Credit: Christine McGhee's Facebook

Photo Credit: Christine McGhee’s Facebook

In 2010 he was charged with aggravated assault but now with news of her death they were able to prosecute him for murder.

He has been in jail for four years already. In the sentencing portion of the trial he made a statement:

“Over the past four years, I’ve had a lot of time to think. Not a day goes by I don’t  think about it. I really wish I would have handled things differently that night. I do want to apologize to Christine’s family. I really am sorry. You guys don’t deserve that and neither does my family.”

Morrone has been sentence to between 8 and 20 years in prison.

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