Medical Student Auctioning Off Virginity; Highest Offer At $550,000 So Far

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A 28-year old medical student, who goes by the alias “Elizabeth Raine,” is auctioning off her virginity online, and has already received bids as high as $550,000.

She launched her online auction on March 31, and initially didn’t show her face to conceal her identity. Later on, she decided it would be better to show her face to help convince skeptical customers.

Bidding ends on May 7, and the current top bidder is at $550,000.

Raine is saying that even though she’s doing this primarily for the money, she’s also attracted to the eroticism, adventure, scandal, and the opportunity to challenge norms about virginity.

She says that she’s been planning the auction for a year, and it’s transformed her. She has become more knowledgeable about virginity, prostitution, and “slut shaming.”

She told the Huffington Post that she was born in the southwest, and had spent much of her childhood in Saudi Arabia due to her dad’s job in the oil industry. Her mom had died when she was 10.

Raine said the reason she is still a virgin is because sex and relationships came second to school and other commitments.

She says that she has a bachelor’s degree in both Engineering and Biology, and is currently completing a combined MD/PhD program. She has concerns that her “business venture” may get her kicked out of college if officials learn she’s the “Med School Virgin.”

The winner of the auction can’t have any STDs and must be willing to wear a condom.

He also can’t be drunk or on drugs during the sexual encounter, and anal sex is a no no. He also can’t “treat her violently.”

She did tell the Huffington Post that she’s open to kissing the winner of the auction, and she even thinks she could possibly fall in love him.

Her preference is older guys and tall men, but she knows she can’t control who the winner will be. She has ruled out sleeping with a female, though.

Raine has said that she can’t make any promises that she’ll be good in bed.

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