Microsoft’s Voice-Driven Assistant Cortana Leaked Before Windows 10 Release

Photo cred: Morgue file

Photo cred: Morgue file

It is no unique event when a new application or feature leaks in the world of technology. It is perhaps even worse and more frequently done than in the music world. Crazy, right? That is either the beauty or the downfall of the Internet. Today, Microsoft’s voice assistant,Cortana, was leaked prior to its scheduled debut on July 29, when Microsoft will announce the Windows 10 final release.

Cortana, whose features include being able to set reminders and alarms and provide information such as weather and traffic conditions, can be activated on Windows devices by simply saying, “Hey Cortana,” but on Android and Apple, Cortana will be limited to the status of an app. And why should Apple or Google users have to have another app on their phones, when they can simply ask either Siri or Google Now what the weather for the weekend will be or set a reminder to pick up milk on the way home from work? The answer is that they don’t. Considering that these voice-driven software are already integrated into their operating systems, it seems unnecessary to download an app that requires more work and may be less capable.

However, Microsoft wants other mobile users to have access to Cortana in order to provide them with a more consistent experience. Where does this consistency lie? The answer is that the consistency lies in being able to do one task on one device, say a PC for example, and then being able to pick it up on another device with flawless synchronization. Microsoft wants that seamless transition in Cortana for all mobile operating systems.

As would be expected, the leak does have some noticeable flaws including being unable to read emails, listen for music, and mute incoming calls and messages during the hours in which you sleep. However, keep in mind that these gaps may be occurring due to the fact that the system is currently in beta status.

Cortana is currently available for Android users who live in the United States or China, in which they have to sign up for the beta that Microsoft has made available. Peter Bright of Ars Technica, who tested the app over the weekend said that everything appears to sync correctly from platform to platform, but also says that Google Now is more capable than Cortana currently.

Basically, depending on your preferences and everyday situations, whether you want to use Cortana across the board, or stick to using it on your PC and then switching back over to Google Now is completely up to you.

For those unwilling or unable to test the leaked application will just have to wait until its official release in less than two weeks.

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