Milwaukee Bucks Hire Facial Coding Expert

Photo Credit: Flickr

Photo Credit: Flickr

Every professional sports team is trying to get the next big technological edge to give them an advantage, but the Milwaukee Bucks just took it to another level. According to The New York Times, the Bucks have hired facial coding expert Dan Hill in an effort to rely on science to bring them the right players for a winning team.

Hill spoke to The New York Times saying, “I look for quick, micro-expressions and instances of the say/feel gap — said this, but felt that — to guard clients against what I call speed bumps: hidden objections that keep a person from buying, if not recognized and addressed.”

The Bucks want to be able to read players’ faces before the draft to make sure they pick a player who is mentally and emotionally ready to perform at the next level, thus reducing the chances of picking the next big NBA “bust” that happens quite often.

Bucks assistant GM David Morway also spoke to The New York Times and said, “We spend quite a bit of time evaluating the players as basketball players and analytically. But the difficult piece of the puzzle is the psychological side of it, and not only psychological, character and personality issues, but also team chemistry issues.”

So, who knows? Maybe the Bucks have figured it out. Only time will tell to see if the Bucks can capture their first NBA championship since 1971.

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