Minneapolis Changes Celebration Of “Columbus Day” To “Indigenous People’s Day”

Photo Credit: morguefile.com

Photo Credit: morguefile.com

After it being a hotly debated topic in Minneapolis for years, it has finally been decided that instead of observing Columbus Day, they city will celebrate Indigenous People’s Day instead.

In 1937 Columbus Day was made a federal holiday but there were a few states that refused and still refuse to acknowledge it (Alaska, Hawaii, Oregon, and South Dakota). The city of Minneapolis, Minnesota will now join that list.

The refusal to celebrate stems from the idea that it is disrespectful to Native American culture to say that Christopher Columbus “discovered” America when there were already groups of people living here for many years before.

The idea that when Europeans reached new land that it was automatically theirs to conquer regardless of the people who had already settled there is what has gotten them into so much trouble in the past.

The fact is that there were native people in America before Europe came, colonized and began to wash away an entire nation of people along with their culture.

What do you think about the holiday change?

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