Missed Connection Becomes Reconnected By Social Media Miracle

Photo By nbennato of Morguefile.com

Photo By nbennato of Morguefile.com

Whenever we fly, we end up sitting next to the old person that smells or the person that is too big to fit in one seat and needs two.

Jamie Kelly, 24-year-old from Galway, was on a flight from Barcelona to Dublin last week. On the plane he met a girl named Katie, and the two really hit it off with each other talked the entire flight.

Unfortunately, before he could get her phone number or even her last name he lost track of her when they got to customs in Dublin because he had to go to the bathroom.

“See, I was so engrossed during the flight and being the gentleman that I am, I didn’t want to go to the toilet in front of this beautiful girl so I used the time I had at the passport control to nip to the loo,” Jamie told TodayFM. “I came back out, waited for another few minutes. No sign.”

After an unsuccessful attempt at tracking her down on Facebook and no help from the airline Jamie felt hopeless.

Through the power of the Internet and other people, Katie was tracked down by Canada’s CBC News, and the two reconnected online.

“I was obviously very surprised and flattered,” Katie told CBS News. “When I was on the plane I talked to him incessantly because I had just been travelling for two months in Italy and Spain and it was just so nice to be around English speaking people, plus I’m a talker. We had lots in common, plus he was very easy on the eyes.”

Katie and Jamie are reportedly planning to meet in person this week.

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