Molly Makes You Racist

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Photo By jeltovski of

A new study suggests, that the oxytocin hormone, often described as the “love hormone” or “cuddling chemical,” besides making you feel happy, can also make you racist and ethnocentric.

Professor of psychology at the University of Amsterdam Carsten de Dreu found that the “loved-up” feeling you get when flooded with oxytocin – which is released when udner the influence of the drug Ecstasy or Molly – only extends to your “in-group.”

Oxytocin, he said, “motivates in-group favoritism” and “derogation” of outsiders. He added that it had “a role in the emergence of intergroup conflict and violence.”

In the study’s experiments, the participants – who were all Dutch – were told that they had to choose five persons out of six that would gain access to a life-saving lifeboat.

The men on oxytocin were more likely to deny men with Muslim or German-sounding names access and save the men with Dutch names, while the men who were given a placebo didn’t pay attention to the origin of the names.

Will the “love drug” now be known as the “racism-inspiring-drug”?

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