Mother Dies, Saves Son In Escalator Accident in Central China



In a truly tragic accident on Sunday, a 30-year-old woman, Xiang Liujuan, was killed after the metal plate at the top of an escalator malfunctioned.

The mother managed to push her son out of the way before she fell through, into the machinery under the contraption.

The horrible accident occurred at the AZG Mall in the Hubei province of central China and has led millions of social media users to post their outrage and grief.

While some mall workers helped Liujuan pull her son to safety, they were not successful in getting her out, in the end.

In fact, it took workers four hours just to retrieve her body.

Reports indicate that the mall escalators recently had a maintenance check, but some believe that when the metal panel at the top was replaced, it was not properly screwed in.

The mall has not publically responded yet, but local authorities are reportedly looking into the heartbreaking accident.

Now, Chinese citizens are praising Liujuan’s love for her son and cursing Chinese safety standards.

With escalator and elevator accidents becoming increasingly common, people are asking why nobody shut down the escalator if the metal panel wasn’t screwed in yet.

Who do you think deserves the blame, here? Let us know your thoughts on this horrific accident.

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