Newlywed Pushed Husband Off Cliff

Photo Credit: xandert from

Photo Credit: xandert from

On Thursday, a woman from Montana, was sentenced to 30 years in prison for murdering her husband. Jordan Graham, pushed her husband, Cody Johnson, off a cliff in Glacier National Park. When asked the reason for killing her husband, Graham claimed they were arguing about her second thoughts on marriage. The prosecutors stated that “Graham lured Johnson to a steep cliff in Glacier Park on July 7th and pushed him over, then lied repeatedly to investigators in an attempt to cover up the crime”. Graham plead guilty to second-degree murder before closing arguments during her December trial. She tried to retract that plea after prosecutors recommended a prison term of 50 years to life, but it was unsuccessful. During trial, Graham recalled the events of that day, and what lead to the murder “I decided to confront my husband about the marriage doubts, but I did not know how he would take it. We climbed down a treacherous slope below a popular spot in the park called The Loop and spoke on a narrow ledge, hundreds of feet above a ravine. I told him I was unhappy. We argued, and at one point, he grabbed me by the arm, and I thought he was going to push me”. She told the judge she was very angry with Johnson and pushed him with one hand on his arm and one on his back. She stated “I wasn’t thinking about where we were. I just pushed”.

Johnson’s friends testified that they were suspicious of the story and suspected Graham played a role in his disappearance. Graham showed police a fabricated email, which was supposedly from a friend of Johnson’s, stated that he was dead and to call off the search. She later told Glacier rangers she had found Johnson’s body near The Loop because it was a place he wanted to see before he died. Ultimately, Graham acknowledged she was with Johnson on the cliff, after investigators confronted her with a security camera photo of the couple entering the park. Graham’s attorneys tried to convince the judge and jury that Graham was not the cold woman that the prosecution depicted her as. However, the judge did not have any remorse for Graham. She was sentenced to 30 years and was ordered to pay $17,000 in restitution.

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