Newtown Shooter’s Father Speaks Out In First Interview


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Peter Lanza, father of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooter, Adam Lanza, has given an interview to a media outlet for the first time since the incident. He tells New Yorker Magazine that his son would have most definitely shot him, if he had the chance.

He says that when Adam shot his mother, Nancy, four times, each bullet was for each member of the family. One for her, one for Peter, one for Adam’s brother Ryan, and one for himself.  The 20 year old killed his mother, and then proceeded to kill 20 children, 6 staff members and himself.

Peter says that Adam had spoken with many mental health professionals in the past but none noted any violent tendencies. He was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome when he was in middle school. Peter mentions, “the social awkwardness, the uncomfortable anxiety, unable to sleep, stress, unable to concentrate, having a hard time learning, the awkward walk, reduced eye contact. You could see the changes occurring.”

His wife could never have seen this coming either. She never talked to her friends or family about being worried for her son because of any violent tendencies. She slept at night with her door unlocked and allowed guns to be kept in the house, which she would not have if she believed that her son would ever imagine of using one of them.

“You can’t get any more evil,” Peter said. “How much do I beat up on myself about the fact that he’s my son? A lot.”

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