North Korea At Night: Darkness

Photo By DuBoix

Photo By DuBoix

It has been referred to as the regime shrouded in secrecy. Now images taken from space show that North Korea is literally shrouded in darkness!

NASA astronauts photographed the region at night while aboard the International Space Station – the photographs depict an almost totally dark North Korea, compared to its brightly lit neighbors South Korea and China.

The capital city, Pyongyang is the only bright spot in the mass of blackness. However, even that light in the dark is dim compared to Seoul, South Korea’s capital city.

In an official statement, Nasa said: “North Korea is almost completely dark compared to neighbouring South Korea and China. The darkened land appears as if it were a patch of water joining the Yellow Sea to the Sea of Japan. Its capital city, Pyongyang, appears like a small island, despite a population of 3.26 million (as of 2008). The light emission from Pyongyang is equivalent to the smaller towns in South Korea.”

This makes one wonder – what is truly happening behind North Korea’s iron curtain? You know, besides the crimes against humanity occurring on a daily basis to the political prisoners in North Korea’s gulags.


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