Oops! A Five Guys Manager Accidentally Copies A Customer In An Email Calling Him A ‘Douche’

Photo Credit: reverendb from www.morguefile.com

Photo Credit: reverendb from www.morguefile.com

If you would ask me about the top five restaurants I’m addicted to, the top three would probably be Five Guys. Their burgers are seriously pretty awesome, and I love the whole concept of watching them make my burger while I wait. And oh yeah, FREE PEANUTS!

It looks like a district manager at a Massachusetts location didn’t get the memo that if you’re calling someone a “douche” in an email you should check to make sure that person isn’t copied in the email. The worker had sent the email to his co-worker about a customer named John who wrote a complaint to the franchise about missing fries on behalf of his co-workers.

When John wrote again to complain about how the restaurant handled his complaint, the district manager wasn’t too happy to say the least.

He said in an email to someone: “This is from the guy about the online order screwup. This guy is a perfect example of why the world is f***ed. What a complete a**h***. I’m speechless over this douche. All of this over missing fries. F*** him and his tool office mates.”

I’m speechless that you didn’t even know you were accidentally copying the person in the email! And if you can get this worked up over fries, I’d hate to think what you would do if someone was complaining about a missing burger.

According to Consumerist, who first got a hold of the email, the district manager who responded to John offered to refund the credit credit that was used and also sent him a gift card. In John’s reply, he politely said “that the gift card wouldn’t work online.”

It’s unclear what John and his co-workers wanted in place of the gift card, but their “lack of gratitude” didn’t sit too well with the district manager.

John took to Twitter to post the rant, and a woman from the Five Guys corporate office reached out to him.

“She has given me a couple of proposals to win back my group’s business,” he told Consumerist. “I told her I would be in touch with all of my co-workers that usually order from them and get back to her with our decision.”

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