Peruvian Man Falls 5,000 Feet in Military Training Gone Horribly Wrong

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“A miracle,” is the only way this incident can be described. A Peruvian air force NCO came extremely close to death while participating in a training exercise.  During the training, Amasifuen Gamarra, 31, jumped out of a military plane 5,000 feet above ground.

As he was gliding through the air, he went to pull on his parachute chord. Unfortunately, one of the chords failed to extend properly and just entangled itself around his neck, shortly after he lost consciousness. What happened next is still a mystery to everyone who looks at this story.

While unconscious, Gamarra plunged to the ground, a total distance of 5, 0000 feet without breaking a single bone.

Gamarra was taken to a military hospital in the nearby city of Arequipa Peru. Medical professionals performed a battery of testing on Gamarra; to their amazement not one bone was broken. Emergency room doctor, Guillermo Pacheco, was one of the doctors to treat the extremely lucky man.  “It’s a miracle he’s alive, It was the will of God he survived.” “There weren’t any fractures,” Dr. Pacheco added about the extremely bizarre case.

“We do not know what cushioned his fall, but he’s alive. It’s a miracle,” the doctor reiterated.  Gamarra, who has served in the Peruvian air force for eight years, was transferred to a different military hospital for additional testing.

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