Police Officer Caught Planting Drugs..By His Own Bodycam

Credit: Morguefile.com

Video footage has emerged Wednesday of a Baltimore cop planting drugs on a crime scene to implicate a defendant. 

The video is 90 seconds long, and shows an unidentified police officer planting a bag of white pills into a soup can. He then walks out to the street along with two other officers who were watching him. 

The video was taken from the officer’s body-cam during an arrest which occurred in January. 

Once out on the street, the cop turns on his bodycam, and after 30 seconds he is heard talking. 

“I’m going to go check down here, hold on,” he said. 

He goes back to the crime scene, searches around and then picks up the same can he put the drugs in. 

“Yo,” he yells out to the other officers, seeming ‘surprised’ at what he had just discovered. The officer then walks back out onto the street, and the video stops. 

The Baltimore Sun reported that the defendant charged in this case has been held since January on a $50,000 bond he could not pay. He was held as a result of ‘drug charges’ stemming from the video.

The case was scheduled to go to trial last week. Once the prosecutors were sent the video, they expressed how “appalled” they were.

“Something is going to happen because of this revelation,” they said. 

Public Defender Debbie Katz Levi was outraged by the clip and highlighted the fact that the guilty officer has testified in other cases since the department saw the clip. 

“They had knowledge. They watched it and were appalled by what was on the video, and then for whatever reason made the choice to continue to call him as a witness,” she told WBFF.

Baltimore Police released a statement after the incident. 

“We take allegations like this very seriously and that’s why we launched an internal investigation into the accusations,” they said. “We are fortunate to have Body Worn Cameras which provide a perspective of the events as reported.”

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