Samsung Fitness New Toys: Gear Fit 2 & Gear Icon X Earbuds

Photo Credit: Morgue File

Photo Credit: Morgue File

So, we know Samsung is unique and that they are always inventing with creativity. I am an Apple customer and I have to admit that they have some pretty cool accessories for their customers. The  Gear VR headset was dope…(cool) Samsung has a way of taking their creative innovations and actually have the serve a useful purpose. If you don’t remember the Gear Fit from 2 years ago this one come with bug fixes new designs and reportedly more comfortable than its predecessor. Like this watch for instance….well, it looks like a watch, but the Gear Fit 2 tells more than time.

Designed to keep fitness fanatics synchronized with their health, and relocatable was built with a GPS needed in case you pass out from gettin’ it done. It reportedly track activities like squats, riding a bike , yoga, Pilates, and my favorite the elliptical. It calculates how long you sleep and calories you burn, based on your gender, age and body mass (weight). The notifications reported by Samsung are text, calls, email, apps and calendar and is IP68 which can be put into 1.5 Millimeter water for 30 minutes. Awesome! Seeming as how you may sweat extra from wanting to work out to test your new GearFit2. You can send quick reply messages and emojis if you receive a video call or text. To make GearFit2 look an feel even better its retailed at $180 cheaper than it’s Microsoft competition at $250. GearFit2 will hit retail stores June 10, 2016.

I think the best thing, safest tool about the Gear Icon X ear buds – wireless ear-buds is that it has a useful audio pass through mode that can pipe ambient audio over the top of what you’re listening to in your Gear Icon X ear buds, permitting you to be better aware of your surroundings.

The “007” feature Samsung has added is a tap-based system for changing tracks, so you don’t need to pull out your phone. Tap once play or pause, twice to skip forward and tap three times to skip back. Meanwhile, a swipe up or down controls the volume. the ear buds have no voice controls built, in but integrated mics let you use the Icon X to answer calls. The Icon ear buds come in black, white, and blue and retail for about $199.00. Equipped with 3.5 hours of streaming mode and 1.5 stand alone time. Also comes with power dock and battery. Unfortunately there is no release date on the Icon X yet.


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