Samsung S7 Is Released With Some Killer New Features

Photo Credit: Flickr

Photo Credit: Flickr

Samsung has its fair share of competition with the HTC phones, and of course the Apple iPhone. But, this year Samsung has polished their new model, and expects great success from the S7. Samsung evolved from a company that made cheap, dysfunctional and breakable devices to the Galaxy.

The Galaxy S6 was a hit! But, consumers were disappointed with the expensive prices, lack of storage and poor battery life. The S7 has the same design. But, Samsung couldn’t resist and copied the iPhone’s fingerprint scanner to unlock the phone. By far the coolest feature on the S7 is the waterproofing. Seriously, waterproofing? I might have to switch from my iPhone (probably not.)

In any case, the waterproofing is built with sealed ports for the USB cable and other plug-ins. Samsung also managed to increase the battery life to 3,000mAH, from the previous 2,550mAH in the S6. But, with every new phone comes a more advanced camera. The S7 new camera can focus up to three times quicker because of the new installment of the dual-pixel system.

Samsung has to step their game up, if they plan on competing with the mega successful Apple, and LG’s newest G5. The Samsung Galaxy S7 series is set to launch Feb 21.

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