Sandra Bland’s Final Autopsy Results

photo cred: Flickr

photo cred: Flickr

There has been outrage about Sandra Bland’s death, with claims that is a was a homicide, however, an autopsy released by the district attorney’s office Thursday afternoon, says that the death was a suicide. Bland, who was found dead with a plastic bag over her head in a jail cell after being charged with assaulting an officer, has family members and other supporters who claim that she would never have killed herself, and she must have been murdered.

According to a Texas Waller County’s assistant district attorney, Warren Diepraam, Brand’s body was found hanged with a plastic bag, and didn’t show any signs of struggle, and that there were no marks on her hands which could have come from an attempt to fight off any attacker. He also said in a press conference on Thursday, that she only had a single wound on her neck, which apparently came from the plastic bag used in the hanging. Diepraam claims that a violent, involuntary attack would usually lead to more wounds on her neck, including broken bones. There were no marks on her eyelids, lips or face, which usually are the result of an attack.

Forensics experts found nearly thirty scabbing cut marks on Brand’s arms, which were between two to four weeks old, predating her arrest. Scabs on her back, and minor abrasions around her wrists indicate they could have come from her arrest, while she struggled against handcuffs and was pinned to the ground by an officer’s knee in her back. Preliminary drugs tests also discovered marijuana in Brand’s body. Diepraam said that unless she took weed inside her jail cell, Bland had to have either swallowed or smoked a heavy amount of the substance, for it to still be in her system three days later. Her family is fighting for a second autopsy to be done, but it has not been granted yet.

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