Serial Child Abductor On The Run In New York City



On Thursday afternoon Tara Anne McDonald, 46, approached a nanny and attempted to take the baby she was watching, away from her. The woman has more than a few prior arrests for the same types of crimes.

Police reports say that the nanny was pushing the eight-month-old baby boy in a stroller near 8th Avenue and 17th Street in the Chelsea neighborhood when McDonald came up to her and attempted to abduct the baby.

She was mumbling something and trying to pull the stroller away from the nanny who then yelled for help. McDonald screamed at the nanny acting as if she was the baby’s mother and the nanny was the attempted abductor.

A UPS driver, William Marte, witnessed the whole thing and ran to the aid of the nanny. ‘”She grabbed the stroller by the handle, and without no reason, starts saying ‘Give me my baby.’ I told the lady, ‘Leave her alone, get off, are you out of your mind?'” Marte told ABC.

The baby was unharmed through the ordeal.

McDonald fled the scene and disappeared going south on eighth avenue. Police say that she has been arrested twelve times for similar crimes and served in prison for more than a year in 1998 for an attempted kidnapping. Other charges against her in the past include five attempted kidnappings, two actual kidnappings, robbery, felony assault, disorderly conduct, petit larceny and DWI.

Police distributed flyers with the woman’s face on them and asked around the neighborhood. Some locals recognized her.

“She’s a local crazy. I seen her on the corner here a couple of times, not recently but maybe a month ago,” A Chelsea worker named Yancy Matson told ABC.

Seems like she should have been off the streets and into custody a long time ago. Do you agree?

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